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Ryan Romans and Jada Linstrom are the 2023 Noordhoek Superbowl Champions for 2023
Noordhoek Superbowl Champions, Romans and Linstrom

The Noordhoek Superbowl 2023 has left a lasting impression on all those who took part in this inaugural 21km mountain race. The stunning natural mountain amphitheatre provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for this technical and challenging race, which saw 243 determined runners complete the gruelling course.

Spectacular scenery on Chapman's Peak southern ridge
Chapman's Peak southern ridge

The race route included 1,195 meters of vertical height gain and the summits of Chapman’s Peak, Noordhoek Peak, and the lesser-known Spitskop on their route around the ‘Superbowl’. The weather conditions on race day were perfect, with cool and dry weather and a light coating of summit cloud, making for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience on the trail.

Romans sets the bar

Charl Cronje leads Ryan Romans at the 4km mark, with the moon setting behind
Cronje and Romans 4km in

The racing was extraordinary, with Charl Cronje and Ryan Romans battling it out for the top spot throughout the course. At the 6.5km mark, Cronje had a slender lead of just 4 seconds, but Romans managed to take a 22 second lead by the top of the next big climb. However, the gap between them was back to just 2 seconds at the 12.7km aid station, with Ariole Bolus in third, roughly two and a half minutes behind. From there, Romans put the hammer down, and despite Cronje's best efforts, extended his lead at the finish line to set a record time of 2:06:48. Cronje finished second in 2:08:14, with Bolus taking third in 2:12:10. Romans time translates to an average pace of around 6 minutes per kilometre, a remarkable achievement considering the technically challenging nature of the course.

Jada Linstrom breaks the tape and takes the First Ladies title in the inagural Noordhoek Superbowl
Linstrom takes the win

Linstrom rules

In the ladies' race, Jada Linstrom led from start to finish, crossing the line in an impressive 2:34:12. However, there was a fierce battle for second place between Marguerite van Niekerk and Chantel Nortje, with van Niekerk managing to hold onto her lead despite Nortje's efforts to reel her in. At the 6.5km mark, van Niekerk had a 2-minute lead, but Nortje managed to overtake her on the next big climb, establishing a narrow 25-second lead at 9km. However, van Niekerk then overtook Nortje and turned up the heat, romping into the aid station at 12.7km with a 1.5-minute lead over Nortje. Despite all her efforts, Nortje could not catch up to van Niekerk, leaving her to take second place in 2:42:04. Nortje completed the podium in 2:44:54.

Overall, the top three men and women displayed incredible endurance and strength, achieving impressive paces and times despite the challenging nature of the course. Their performances were a testament to their training and dedication, as well as their mental and physical fortitude in tackling such a demanding race.

Tenacious back marker Roan Dearham enjoying the Chapman's Peak summit
Roan Dearham in the clouds

The remaining field showed incredible determination and grit, with Roan Dearham being the last over the line in a tenacious 6:45:26. The Noordhoek Superbowl 2023 was a remarkable event that showcased the beauty of this sensational natural mountain amphitheatre, as well as the warm community spirit of Noordhoek.

Huge thanks to Ineos Grenadier for being our vehicle and media partner for the event, to Pole Yard for creating the unique finish arch, to the Noordhoek Farm Village for hosting our finish, to Project Noordhoeked and VWS for their support and of course to all the Wildrunner crew who made this event possible.

We look forward to next year's event, where we expect even more excitement and memorable moments.

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